Awards scheme

Okehampton running club encourages its members to be aware of the benefits of their training and the improvements to their running that it provides.  The award scheme is in place to give club members a reference point of where you are in order to gauge your progress as the rewards of the training pay off.  The important aspect of the scheme is to focus on your progress rather than comparing your ability to other club members.
In order for a member to achieve an award they are required to run a race or club time trial at one of the qualifying distances.  The six distances of the award are 1 mile, 5Km, 10Km, 10 Mile, half marathon (13.1 miles) and full marathon (26.2 miles)

At the end of the year which runs from April to March each club member will receive a certificate for their achievements with the times they recorded for each qualifying distance and the colour of award that time earns them.

Award scheme certificate of achievement