Okehampton Running Club (ORC) was formed in February 2009. We now have over 100 members of all abilities and all ages who share one thing – a love of running!

New members are always welcome.

The club is running under covid secure rules. We offer a variety of our runs on Tuesdays, moor running on Wednesdays and interval training on Thursdays. This will continue in the foreseeable future.

See our covid page for more details.

We hope to resume normal running session sometime during the summer months.

Normally our Club nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are six groups for different abilities running each night, so there should be one to suit you. Each group is taken out by a qualified leader to help guide you in your training. We meet at 6.15pm and train from 6.30-7.30pm.

All sessions start from Pavilion in the Park, Mill Road, Okehampton. Devon. EX20 1GE (unless otherwise stated on the timetable).

Tuesday nights are steady runs, sometimes on road, sometimes through the woods and tracks. In the winter, we do head torch runs going out through the country lanes. In the summer, we have a separate group that meets up on moor, going fully off-road.

Thursday nights are technical sessions, aiming to build up stamina and speed. We do sprints, and distance loops, as well as hill reps and more.

To join the club you must be able to run at least three miles without stopping – if you can’t, we run a beginners running group once a year which will help to get you started.

Whatever your challenge, come and join a friendly group of like-minded people and become part of team ORC!