Training Sessions

Running Groups

The club has a number of qualified coaches, so every club night there are different ability group sessions. On Tuesday nights we offer a steady run and on Thursday nights we carry out interval training

The group and their abilities are;-

Pavey – For beginners wanting to fulfil  a 10 week couch to 5km plan before committing to the club membership.

Fosters – For runners who can run 3-4 miles without stopping. The pace is between 11:30-14:00 mins per mile.

Farrah – For runners between Fosters and Holmes.

Holmes – For runners looking to build up to 6 miles. The pace is between 9:00 – 10:30mins per mile.

Radcliffe – For runners looking to build up to 7-8 miles. The pace is between 8:00 – 9:00 mins per mile.

Coe – For runners comfortable with 6-8 miles who are looking to build on speed and strength. High tempo and high speed group.

In the summer there are also runs on the moor alternating between various abilities and in the autumn/winter we run a beginners group suitable for those who wish to start running/build up to 3 miles.

Routes around town Some timed routes around Okehampton.