Wild Night Running – Moonlight Flit

It was another night running experience for two ORCs on Saturday night. In the third race of the Wild Night Running series Christine Fristch took on the “Half Marathon” which was officially slightly over the distance, while Kerry Morashti took the shorter 10k option. Both, however, ended up running further than anticipated due to a marshalling error which resulted in the half marathoners covering an extra two miles, including a mile long climb, making the total elevation 2,408ft instead of the official 1,863ft. Whilst not relishing this at the time it did provide Christine with excellent training for her upcoming Grizzly, as did the hills, mud and knee deep water in places. Kerry also covered an extra mile but did well to win her age category and stoically waited in the cold and rain to cheer Christine home. Christine finished in 2.54.42, coming third in her age group and leaving her in fourth place in the race series, while Kerry came home in 1.44.15 in the 10k.

Many thanks to Jane for the run report