The Joy of Racing Again

The Pure Trail Tsunami series of races took place at the weekend. These races take in the most rugged, wild and remote sections of the North Devon and Cornish coastline and are not for the faint hearted. The shortest 7 mile race was tackled by Jo Page and Angus Farrelly with Jo taking first female and 4th overall and Angus achieving 4th place in his age category.

Gill Spinney took on the 16mile race option and came in 3rd place in her age category.
Not being satisfied with the shorter distances Rob Richards and Richard Pike took on the Tsunami Ultra, from Westwood Ho! to Bude, a mere 37.5 miles. Rob has some experiences of Ultra distance running but for Richard this was his first ultra. Hats off to him for a superb effort as this was undoubtedly one of the toughest trail running challenges to chose from. Both looked in remarkable shape at the finish.

Wild Running held their Green Lantern half marathon on Saturday, an evening race which follows the Green Circle clockwise around Exeter. Paul Evison finished in a time of 2 hrs 30 and despite taking a small detour to add on an extra mile he took first prize for his age category.

The consensus felt amongst club runners this weekend was the joy of being back out there again racing with fellow runners.

In the early hours of Monday 21st thirty bleary eyed runners left Belstone village for a Summer Solstice run. The route along the Taw Valley then up to Little Hound Tor stone circles was in time to watch the sunrise before returning to Belstone and home for breakfast and the day ahead. However the Dartmoor weather did not disappoint and the lack of sun did not thwart anyone’s enthusiasm This was the first of its kind, again an idea thought up be Head Coach Rob Richards. It was remarkable popular despite the silly hour!