Bideford Half Marathon

We had a record entry of 37 runners taking part in the Bideford Half Marathon on Sunday! The forecast of heavy downpours and gale force winds dampened the hopes of those aiming for a new PB, but the weather gods were kind and despite early rain, the skies cleared and the wind was not such an issue, only giving the runners a tough time in the last couple of miles. Over 1,400 runners took part, the highest number ever in this increasingly popular race with its fast, flat and nearly traffic free course. The timing of it also provides an opportunity for those training for a spring marathon to test how their training is going over half the distance.

There were some outstanding performances from ORC members, with fourteen scoring new PB’s, four setting a PB with their first run over this distance, including Jane Richardson running her first half marathon ever at the age of 67 and one running his first race ever. Male Vet 50 runner Paul Carter was the first ORC home in a great time of 1.23.54. Katie Littlejohns, who has had a terrifically successful year since she set a new PB and club record at this venue last year, just continues to improve and knocked nearly another two minutes off both, finishing in 1.33.33 to be the first ORC lady. Several others took huge chunks off their PB’s with Claire Sprague taking ten minutes off, Lucy Marrison eight minutes, Jayne Peachey over six minutes and Lucy Brint four and a half minutes. Ed Dumpleton only started running last September when he joined the beginners group, but it soon became clear he had ability and moved up through the groups. He thoroughly enjoyed his first race and was very pleased to finish in an impressive 1.45.34. Nicola Smith, who had trained hard to run a sub two hour half at Exeter two weeks ago, only to fall victim to a badly timed heavy cold, finally shook it off and achieved her target here, finishing in 1.57.42.

ORC times;
Paul Carter; 1.23.54, Andy Vernon; 1.29.28, Katie Littlejohns; 1.33.33 (PB), George Haskell; 1.35.23 (PB), Jean Paul Quertier; 1.38.05, Andrew Thorne; 1.39.41, Jason Ewing; 1.41.32, Jayne Peachey; 1.44.22 (PB), Ed Dumpleton; 1.45.34 (PB), John Binns; 1.45.53, Mike Westland; 1.46.48, (PB), Rebecca Ewing; 1.47.21, Keri Quertier; !.47.21 (PB), Karen Vallance; 1.50.41, Jackie Dawes; 1.51.41 (PB), Abby Metherall; 1.52.09 (PB), Heather Richards; 1.54.51 (PB), Ged Fitzgibbon; 1.55.53 (PB), Heidi Wills; 1.56.37 (PB), Lucy Marrison; 1.56.37 (PB), Nicola Smith; 1.57.42 (PB), Roger Voaden 1.57.43, Caroline Willson; 2.01.07, Lucy Brint; 2.03.57 (PB), Viki Hayer; 2.06.53, Lotte Smith; 2.08.39, Derborah Cunningham; 2.10.48, Rachael Haydon; 2.13.37, Tracey Mills; 2.15.06, Rachel Holland; 2.15.06 (Ist Half M PB), Jo Burrow; 2.15.49 (Ist Half M PB), Kerry Morashti; 2.25.06, Ruth Bushell; 2.25.06 (1st Half M PB), Claire Sprague; 2.29.23 (PB), Jane Richardson; 2.31.56 (1st Half M PB) Jessica Corcoran; 2.33.57.

Photos can be found here.

Many thanks to Jane for the run report