6 Moor Miles & The Dartmoor 600s

While the weather continues to pretend its mid autumn, not mid summer, it fails to deter our club members from taking on challenges that would normally be held in much better conditions. Two ORCs took part in the Yelverton 6 Moor Miles race on Sunday and were lucky to only experience one shower, although the recent rain had made for a very muddy course. This well established race is a one lap course across open moorland in the picturesque setting of the Maristow Estate. Mags Jarvis ran a good race, although frustrated at the bottle-necking in the first mile, and finished in 64.49 to come second in her age group, with Janet White finishing in 75.31.

On the other side of the moors, five more ORCs took up the challenge to run the Dartmoor 600’s. This is not a race, there is set route and no time limit to complete it in, but a self-navigated challenge to run all 5 of the Dartmoor hills over 600m in one go. For Chris Turner, Katie Littlejohns, Mike Baker and Charlie Galley this was the first time they had attempted the challenge, but Christine Fritsch was revisiting these five peaks for a second time. She hadn’t felt well on her first tour round them and enjoyed this one better, despite the downpours of rain in the last two hours which led to them being drenched by the time they finished. They were joined on their run by Haldon Trail runner Lizzie Dyson who greatly assisted with the much needed navigation skills required for the run. Rob Hicks could also be found haring around the 600s an hour or so earlier!

Many thanks to Jane for the run report